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pH Accessories
pH Accessories
Dual Display
Clamp Meter
Salt Meter
Salt Meter
Superfast Thermapen 4
Superfast Thermapen 4
milliamp AC/DC Clamp
AC/DC Clamp
ESM Sensor Map Metermaster is a Test and Measurement company supplying a broad range of electrical, electronic and scientific instruments, data acquisition & temperature measurement products, systems & services
ESM (ESM Sensor Map) is a Metermaster developed monitoring product that displays environmental information (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc) on an easy to use plan of your site.

ESM includes customised display options to suit all requirements, including the 3D Zoom View example below.
Historical information can be viewed in graphical or numerical format. Using History Navigator, users easily view sensor statistics, export data and produce full reports for selectable periods of time and groups of sensors. More>
ESM Sensor Monitoring History Navigator
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Metermaster's portfolio of instrumentation imported from all over the world includes a comprehensive range of handheld meters, oscilloscopes, bench test equipment, virtual (PC hosted) instrumentation, test accessories, data loggers, temperature measurement and data acquisition products. Our customers come from industries as diverse as our product range including automotive, education, electrical, electronic service and manufacture, engineering maintenance, food storage, distribution and sales, quality assurance and scientific research. We provide Sales, Training, After Sales Support and Service and Thermal Calibration.